Together Tastes Better Than Ever Before

Our best friend aka our favourite restaurant La Loca has gotten reputation of a bar to paint the town red. With sizzling atmosphere and nightly events one shall not be surprised. But the times when the groundfloor appealed interesting mostly in the evenings are gone. With autumn season, La Loca has decided to literally “stir the pot“ on the gastronomic map of Prague. The top-class Czech chef Radim Gerlich was hired and the food concept has changed tremendously.

Radim Gerlich introduced his brand new seasonal menu that is meant to be shared. There once was a man who said that happiness is only real when shared. The same applies for food. Everything tastes better when you divide a larger amount of food and share it with your loved ones.

Expect anything from bulgur served with pomegranate, tomatoes, fennel and mint to falafel burgers and curcuma potatoes but most importantly, expect the unexpected flavours Prague gastro-scene has long been waiting for.

Unique food combinations mix tastes from the exotic Near East and Mediterranean. With tastefully delicious food menu, you should brace yourself for the brand new concept “crossover cuisine“. It’s cross and you’ll never be over it. It will keep you coming back.

MOOo recommends La Loca!