MOOo Interview #001

Interview with

Mike, from Essex, UK

Hi Mike, thanks so much for doing the interview! Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do?

I’m here in Prague working at the commerce bank office. I’m just handing over some applications to our Prague colleagues. I come here about twice a year.

How many years have you been coming to Prague?

Probably about 4 years.

And what do you think of Prague?

I like it, you know. I’ve brought my wife here, we’ve come here on a private visit with our daughter for the weekend.

Do you have a favorite site here?

The castle.

What are your favorite activities outside the tourist attractions?

Mainly the restaurants, Czech beer, Czech food. That’s about it really. When I’m at work here it obviously has to be in the evenings – going out and getting something to eat and having a few beers.

How long is your average stay when you come?

4 days is max, so between 3 and 4 days

Do you normally come during the week or over weekends?

The week, always during the week.

How many times have you stayed with MOOo Apartments?

This is the fourth time.

What brings you back?

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