Winter rhapsody in Jánský vršek.

MOOo by the Castle Grand Opening Party.

The opening party of MOOo by the Castle on February  28 was definitely a “Winter Rhapsody” which was the theme for the event. However, the sub-zero temperatures did not slow the staff down at Jánský Vršek 8. In fact, it made the evening all the more magical.

Imagine being greeted by the decadence of a life-sized cow painted in gold as you walk through the doors of the property and being immersed by fire and light surrounding the courtyard which lit up not only the historic buildings around it but also the spirits of all staff and guests. As you enter the courtyard, you immediately feel welcome, and the welcome drinks were just a fraction of it. You could also witness an ice sculpture show on the courtyard stage and see Alchemist Kelly come to life through ice.

As you explore the building, you become consumed in its centuries old architecture but become taken aback by the juxtaposition with modern interior design. The paintings of the cows add a quirky touch to the atmosphere on top of the fun activities that were in store for the guests. From milking a cow, to wine tasting, the apartments of MOOo by the Castle were filled with fun, laughter and conversation. It was a positive atmosphere, and it represented what MOOo by the Castle is about. Despite the cold, staff at MOOo by the Castle definitely made it warm in anyone’s hearts.

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