MOOo Apartments – The Name

The concept of MOOo apartments is to mix countryside hospitality with the urban way of living. We love the countryside for its relaxing, soul-nourishing, friendly and welcoming nature. We love the city for its urbanness, its vibrant energy, and for its plethora of things to experience. We love combining these two worlds to create an exceptional experience for everyone that passes through our door.

Today’s era asks for a more solid connection between the services traditionally offered in the countryside with the standard of urban living. Nah-Dja Tien, GM, on MOOo concept

To us, the cow is the perfect symbol of the countryside. MOOo is universally understood as the noise a cow makes and it quickly became the favoured name of all those involved in the concept. We hired top designers and artists to create an atmosphere that highlights urban architecture while still providing a countryside feel. And all of this is placed inside a beautiful building from 1905.